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What is humming? Where does it come from? Why do we hum? Well, humming is an often

musical sound created by the resonance of air in various parts of passages in the head

and throat, usually exhaled through the nose. Some would propose that it was an old

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method of communication between early humans, (and even hominids) millions of years

ago. I mean you have to admit, when you start thinking about it, it’s fairly interesting, that

such a small thing is so widespread between allcountries and continents but rarely studied

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or talked about. Luckily  thereare some, who have actually spent a lot of time, and put

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agreat deal of research into these very questions. One such person isJoseph Jordania

(born February 12, 1954) an who actually wrote a great dissertation on

this very subject. If humminginterests you any further than just mimicking catchy tunes, then

I stronglyreccomend you check it out


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